Walking Small


IMG_2031There are times when walks need to be close to home, maybe even just around your very own space. Has anyone taken a garden walk inside the fences where you live? Or around the walls of the place you call home?

The place I call home is so small that two steps takes me outside. But the weather here is glorious, so my small walks are almost always outdoors. It may take some practice, but when you walk small, a short step can be wonderfully filled with details to enjoy. It helps to look three inches from your nose, or bend down and really admire what is close at hand. It’s amazing what you can find close enough to touch, and familiar enough to be loved daily.

It also helps to take along a companion or two, creature comforts to remind you that it’s pleasant to stretch the moment out, enjoy what is right here at this one instant in time. Perhaps they will go along on the next small walk, letting you stop for a sip here and a pat there and a photo somewhere else along the way.

You can plan out future walks, and reminisce over trinkets brought home from past rambles. By the time your walk is coming to an end, your tea cup may be empty and your creature companions tiring.

Sometimes the views close to home, the introspective views that keep you in touch with little changes, are the best ones for slow walks. Count on them to refresh the soles of your feet as well as your very own soul.

I wish you a happy walk, whether close to home or far away. Susan


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30 Replies to “Walking Small”

  1. Most days, if it’s warm enough, I can’t resist a little tootle around my garden. It’s a lovely time of year for new burgeonings. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Some days I’m idle and only make it as far as the pergola with a book. Thank you for strolling so thoughtfully, Susan, and for including me in your thoughts.

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    1. Hi Gloved -The Gilroy Garlic Festival puts out a wonderful cookbook. Beware, though, some of the recipes have you mincing garlic all day šŸ™‚ One of my favorites is Mama’s Potato Soup. Yumm


  2. Oh I so agree – whilst I love my new explorations we also walk the same small walk at least three times a week here in Portugal. Observing the small changes and no change gives me so much pleasure.

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  3. I love this post: it gentleness; its musing; its noticing photos. You have a beautiful garden, and interesting reading matter! I’ve always been captivated by constrained journeying: one of the essays in de Botton’s travel book is about a man who journeys round his bedroom, and on my soon-to-read list is “Isolarion” about a series of walks up one undistinguished Oxford street, noticing, noticing, noticing – as you do in your delightful and delighted walk around your garden.

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    1. Dear Morsels – thanks so much for the recommendations. I will look them both up. Walking as meditation, at least for me, almost always has to be close at hand and familiar. I am so happy you enjoyed this šŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Tiger – thanks for coming along. My buddy is a catahoula leopard dog. Not quite a tiger, but closer than most canines! Like tigers, we don’t argue with her much. She’s the boss – Cheers – Susan


  4. Susan, our spring is at its wonderful peak, we’ve had lots of rain, and everything in the garden seems to be growing inches each day. We’ve been doing lots of work to get new plants in, so to soothe our aching backs, we have a end-of-day, happy hour stroll around the garden to see what’s new. As you suggest, sometimes a walk needs to be close to home. ~James

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    1. James – It’s such a different delight than those walks you take far away. I have not decided which I like better, but am so very glad for both. And happy you and Terri have the same, walks here and walks there. Susan


  5. I really like the walks in your garden! So many beautiful flowers and details to admire. This reminds me to walk again in our own garden and truly ‘see’ the little things!

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  6. I took out the camera yesterday to “walk small” around the yard to capture the end of May flowers. When I have time to download those, I’ll post some for you. -Cuz O


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