Tumwater Historical Park

On a crisp autumn afternoon, I step onto a public pathway and fall in love with fall.

I’ve always tried to call the season by its proper name: autumn. I think it was never a true season for me. I lived in places where there were no real seasons, or where the change from one time of year to another was more like summer-winter (and a small winter at that.) Well, there was once that wild weather year in Ukraine, but that is best forgotten. Here, in Tumwater Washington, USA, there is a true autumn where leaves really do fall and weather straddles that divide between summer’s and winter’s extremes. Fall is here, not just autumn, and I can’t wait to see this season progress.

Today I step for the first time onto the path in Tumwater Historical Park, and there is nothing but delight all around. Breathe in, and the crisp smell of water-plants-mulch-dirt-leaves-flowers-moist air gives a refresher that must be more healthy than a million daily vitamins.

Photos do that wonderful trick of being perfect without any magic from me – not that I know how to put magic into pictures. The water reflects the image of perfect trees, perfect geese, perfect ducks, perfect buildings. Around the curves in this path, bushes arrange themselves into perfect arbors and before I can wish they were there, docks jut into the lake for me to walk upon.

I walk under Interstate #5, a phenomenally busy highway, without noticing any traffic noise. Maybe it’s there, but my attention is pulled ahead to Capitol Lake and a perfect view to the State Capitol building. The pathway is just busy enough with fellow walkers to keep me company, without blocking my views or making me run from crowds.

Walking is a physical venture. Sometimes that is enough. Every once in a while, though, a walk comes along and offers more than simply putting feet to ground. That this one came during my first fall here is just perfect.

13 Replies to “Tumwater Historical Park”

  1. What a lovely place. I always called it autumn, being as Aussie of Brit heritage. Fall was always something very American to me. Until I moved to Canada where the two words are pretty much interchangeable, but most people say fall. Now it feels a bit odd to call it autumn.
    Isn’t the PNW magical!

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    1. RJo – I’m watching leaves fall right now in our backyard. It’s such a treat to experience these seasons. Our California life had such tame seasons that I feel like this is an adventure right in our backyard. Thanks for dropping by – Susan

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  2. Let’s see, from my years in Seattle (40 years ago!), we had four seasons, wet, wetter, wettest, and about 70 minutes of sunshine in July – quick get out the the Arboretum! Glad that you enjoyed your Autumnal stroll – Cuz O


  3. Hi Susan, I’m trying to catch up with you and wondering how you’re doing. It’s been a while since we last talked. I see that you’re enjoying your new home, and I hope that the Pandemic hasn’t presented too much of a problem for you. Here’s wishing you all the very best in 2022! 🙂 ~Terri


    1. Happiest of New Years to you and James! I was filled with delight to read your message. A great start to my new year. I still hold dear my blogging family, and am planning (hmmm…we know how that goes;) to spend more time reconnecting and reading online. We’ve all had a couple odd years, haven’t we? You and James were wise to revamp your blog ahead this tumult. The world is still here, but travel really isn’t!!! Bruce and I have been staying close to home, doing some light exploration of this new-to-us region. I’m grateful for good health, and hope you two have managed to stay on the good side of the coronas also. Want to walk El Camino Compostela this year? No kidding – we keep postponing it, but maybe this year will be the time to get it done 😉 Cheers to you both!

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