The Comic Relief of Violet and Doris

IMG_1130 (2)

I’ve been trying hard to find a fit and suiting place

to hide my head into the sand somewhat in disgrace.

News I tend to see in print and even on the screen

seems too often to display us all as just plain mean.


Search I did and then some more, but little did I find

to give me much hope for a loving humankind.

So I did what people have done always and again.

I found out my own response, wrote it down and then


put it onto a new blog with hope to inspire

a few laughs and grief relief enough to light a fire

of hope and cheerfulness or maybe just some fun

because if we don’t laugh a bit, we’d be happy-un.


Here’s a link to a new blog I hope will bring you cheer

or if not, at least a moment you won’t have to fear.

Please meet Violet and Doris , smile upon your face.

You’ll find they do exist online in a happy place.

11 Replies to “The Comic Relief of Violet and Doris”

      1. Definitely, Susan. Madge Viola was born in 1903; not sure about Naomi Thorne, but it had to be around then. And they were true to the nature of their names: MV was sweet, and NT was a little … prickly. 🙂 ~Terri


      2. Terri – they sound like they would have enjoyed Violet and Doris! I figure their birth years around 1906 – amazing to think about all that, isn’t it?? I remember Doris telling me about hearing an enormous unfamiliar noise, turning around and seeing an airplane flying for the first time. !! Cheers – Susan

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