Who is taking One Small Walk after another?

 Me, Susan. Welcome. I am so pleased you found my blog.

Brooklyn Bridge

After going through a post-retirement frenzy at Marsha’s Bungalow, I am realizing it’s better to slow down and savor the road. Taking walks still occupies a lot of my time, but I’ve tossed out those shoe inserts and spread out my toes. Barefoot or with flipflops, sandals, slip-ons, or the occasional hiking boots – whatever the trappings – I am learning to pace myself on life’s pathways.

I’ll continue to take one small walk after another to as many interesting places as possible. Sometimes right out my front door, sometimes with a passport in hand, oftentimes with Bruce the hubster, I haven’t yet found a place that didn’t deserve at least one good walk. Please join me.

DSCN2715Walk to Ray’s in New Zealand

morning walk
Morning Walk at home





The Bula-Bula walk in Fiji



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