Walking, Weather or Not

Rain or no rain?

Have you ever looked out the window and wondered if you should postpone taking a walk because of what you saw? Today, I was presented with two views out my window. One, sunny and brilliant, encouraged my feet. The other told me in complete certainty that I shouldn’t be stepping out the door. Then a rainbow spread over the sky, which against the dark clouds, made my confusion even more perplexing.

Looking south
Looking north

Of course, I went. And, of course, the weather went with me. Down to the beach, one side of the sky filled with brilliant sunshine and the other, a flip-side of dark threatening clouds. Threatening what, I wanted to ask myself? More rain would be a blessing, even after so much wet this winter. Sometimes threats are really just promises hiding in over-used expressions.

Still, this hope for rain didn’t make me wish for it right here and now. Would the rain wait until I finished my walk? Nature honestly doesn’t care about my dry feet, so I wasn’t sure at all. Even so, that didn’t make me turn around and head for safety.

But thinking that perhaps I should find a dry place to perch made me pause to admire the tenacity of the shore birds along the way. The night herons lined up diagonally along the wave line, facing the wind as the weather began changing from coolly invigorating to perhaps cold and rainy. They might change their behavior with the weather, but they don’t consider leaving as I do. Brave creatures, staying close to the tide and waiting out the drop in air temperature from 60 degrees F to 52. Living along this coast, where creatures (all of us) have discarded the notion of seasonal migration, is a funny reminder that we live in a bubble of weather bliss.

But there is still the threat of rain. Even when it is a temperate climate, getting wet is still getting wet, and something my socks don’t want to do. At one point in the walk, the sky literally split, with one side being blue and the other cloudy gray.img_8603

Had we had enough rain this season? Since we moved here, almost five years ago, my walks at home have been mostly dry drought walks. Tip-toeing through puddles this last month or two hasn’t yet gotten old. Not for me and my damp socks, nor for the glorious life springing up from a wet earth.

blooms in late winter

Before the walk ended, that threat had come true. My glasses spotted-over with rain drops. I remembered how important hats were – having forgotten mine for the hundredth time. And I felt the dampness seeping into the sandals I am lucky enough to wear every day. Here I am, loving the rain in central California. More, please.img_8470-1

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22 Replies to “Walking, Weather or Not”

  1. I don’t mind a spot or two of rain, so long as I’m not in my best togs with immaculate hair (and believe me, that doesn’t happen often πŸ™‚ ) I was lunching in our marina with a friend today and the sky changed colour any number of times, but I made it home dry. πŸ™‚ And a rainbow is always a treat! Not much fun being a bird sometimes. Thanks for sharing your lovely Morro Bay, Susan.

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    1. Thank YOU, RJo. We have gotten so used to not having rain here, I’d forgotten that rain drops get your hair wet! Three times in two days, I was drenched, and happy for it. Glad you made it back from your lunch dry. Isn’t it beautiful when the sky changes with the weather?


  2. I am happy you got rain this year, and an occasional puddle just gives some jumping exercise πŸ™‚
    When I see a sky like that, I usually check the local weather radar to see how long I have before it pours. Not so much for me, but for my camera.

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  3. Cuz, I flew into SFO yesterday for a long-weekend with family. Wow! So much snow in the Sierra’s, and muddy rivers where only dry stream beds have been. The sitly water curving from the south bay into the tidal marshes and blue-greens of the bay would have a made a great abstract expressionist image. Bet you have some great surf from these storms too.

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  4. Having gone through a drought for several years when we lived off the coast of south Texas, I still enjoy rainy days and will never take rain for granted again. Your photos of your walk are great and it looks like your idea to get out and enjoy the day was a good one even if you did get wet at the end. 😁 What a beautiful area you live in and I can tell how much you love and appreciate your surroundings! Anita

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  5. Susan, we lived a couple of years in Oregon, and part of that time was on the coast in the small town of Newport. Your photos of the beach, mountains and shore birds bring back good memories of that time. We moved to Oregon from St. Augustine Beach, FL, and the contrast in weather was amazing. Living in Oregon taught me a couple of life lessons: 1. What makes good rain gear; 2. Never stray far without your rain gear. Nice post. ~James

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