Seal Walk


We all live alongside so many wonderful creatures. In my little corner of this world, I can sometimes hear the bark of seals from my kitchen window. The sound reminds me that there are more important things to do than finish washing the dishes. The seals are calling me to come walk…

but they’re probably all just laying around, enjoying the soothing waters between each rise of the waves. Whether all together on a communal rock or on a solitary perch that lifts just one seal out of the water, it can seem as if all they do is relax. For hours and hours, you can be mesmerized by their inactivity.

But, I have seen herds of them flying through the water near whale-watching boats. Propelling themselves through the waves the way they do on the open sea makes me appreciate their need to recuperate when they come home to the rocks. Just thinking of their ocean frolic makes me yearn for a rest. So, if the seals are in sleep pose while I walk, it’s just their very own restorative yoga.

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The sounds the seals make is somehow compelling to human ears. Who can resist the arf-arf of seals clamoring for a better sleep position? They seem to amiably push aside one another in their effort of settling in for a snooze. Sometimes I wonder how these rugged rocks can be made comfortable, but look how many are settling in below. I leave it to the seals to pick the best spot for an afternoon’s nap.

img_5570 Certainly, I won’t argue that they have chosen well in picking this spot for home. The weather is usually calm, the scenery gorgeous.


As long as the seals continue to call, I am happy to walk. Sunny day or overcast, they entertain in a way that is calming.

27 Replies to “Seal Walk”

    1. Hugh – funny you mention that. When we moved here almost five years ago, we were amused at the usual greeting in the local hardware store: “Another day in paradise” – it’s hard to argue otherwise!


  1. I just popped back because I saw you visit today and wondered what you were up to, apart from admiring seals 🙂 🙂 And I wanted to tell you that I got about halfway through your book. It’s on my old laptop, which was just about cream crackered. The new kid is faster but a bit strong willed. (i.e the driver is not very competent) I’ll get there! Best wishes 🙂

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    1. I am so honored to have you reading my book! Hope you enjoy the rest. I’ve been busy trying to get the next one out, and haven’t been quite so successful in keeping up with my blog posts. I keep reading the wonderful blogs I follow, though, because I completely believe that bloggers are the best writers out there these days! Cheers – Susan


  2. What a fascinating walk! It takes me back to the couple of years I spent living in Monterey, as a kid. I couldn’t hear the seals from the kitchen window, but I remember seeing them in the beach.

    – Verne


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