Walking Stockholm, Sweden

IMG_4196Stockholm was one of those ports on this cruise where we docked a good distance from the city. There was a small town near our tether, and usually small towns please me greatly. But this day, I took my walk in Sweden’s capital city.

All sorts of transport

Not only was the city in the midst of Eurovision fever, but it was commemorating World War II with military marching bands, flags, crowds and camouflaged gun boats.  Whatever my stereotyped idea about Stockholm, a songfest and a military parade with all the fixings awaited.

IMG_4125Crowds gathered as we reached the city center, then dispersed rapidly at the end of the festivities. It was impressive that battalion after battalion after marching band gathered at the palace, along with all the resulting onlookers, then seemed to dissolve into the city’s hustle-bustle like any normal day.

I enjoyed the narrow streets, the aging buildings and the festive feeling of Gamla Stan, the old town.

The central city park was packed with people enjoying the outdoor cafes. The Kungstradgarden Park is essentially a long strip of grass and garden at the end of which is a fabulous shopping arena.

Though it was hot during my visit, Copenhagen has months of cold weather, and has planned accordingly. An indoor shopping center, NK Stockholm, just off the park will astound any traveler and would offer warmth and comfort in winter. At least four stories of shops run one into the other, like a never-ending combined Target-Costco-Trader Joe’s (for those of you from the USA). I ran out of shopping tolerance long before I’d explored all the offerings. I could have easily gotten lost inside. If I ever had to spend a winter in Stockholm, NK Stockholm is where you would find me.

IMG_4159Exploring the downtown area’s water passages and walking streets filled my afternoon. Taking a 45-minute bus ride back to the ship turned out to be a good idea. It’s the perfect amount of time for a nap.

Next up: a little break from the Baltics as we get caught up with the botanical scene in California’s Central Coast



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10 Replies to “Walking Stockholm, Sweden”

  1. I do have a yen to see Stockholm with all those lovely waterways. Maybe I could hijack a boat! 🙂 I’d give the shops a miss though, until it gets really cold. I wonder if I could learn to skate on the frozen canals? Knowing me, that’s not a good plan. 😦 Hope you’re having a tremendous time in Portugal, and that it’s living up to expectation. Our turn next Wednesday 🙂 🙂

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  2. Happy you liked Gamla Stan! I love it… So many great memories from Christmas markets to my last restaurant meal ( at Michel Angelo’s) before our son was born. I was two days over due and we got the fastest service ever 🙂 Stockholm is actually a large collection of small islands (holm) knitted together by bridges (around year 1100 of timber, hence the ‘stock’). Half of my family is Swedish and we lived in that city for over 20 years.

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