Walking Copenhagen, Denmark

Not Copenhagen

You’ll simply have to take my word for it. I visited, twice. I walked and enjoyed. But what memories I have will stay in my head, for the phone that captured the memories crashed and shattered.

Also Not Copenhagen

What happens when the things you plan for don’t happen? If you are lucky enough to have only a broken phone with lost photos, you rejoice and travel on. For now, I would like to refer you to Anita’s wonderful post on Copenhagen. If you haven’t yet read it, you should!

A Hop-On, Hop-Off Boat: Cruising the Canals of Copenhagen

11 Replies to “Walking Copenhagen, Denmark”

    1. Glad you could make it, Hugh. We are off on another trip in a couple days (this one was earlier in the spring) – grateful for this moment in our lives to have the time, good health and resources to be able to go see the world. Cheers!

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  1. I have lovely memories of Copenhagen, even though we visited there in the middle of winter and it was quite cold. We can all relate to losing our photographs at some point or another. The curse of the digital era.


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  2. Oh, my! Losing our trip images is one of our biggest fears. Even though www take precautions we know, somewhere along the way, bad things could happen. My memories of places long ago visited are no longer sharp as a true vision but are more emotional memories. Remembering Denmark is enjoying the feeling of biking to the royal hunting lodge, the cool colors of the sand and water on the beach, taking a bite of a cream puff… Hope the phone loss didn’t ruin the trip!


    1. (this might be a bit of a repeat…I just tried sending a comment). Loosing the photos just reminds me to save my angst for things that matter …okay, I admit, photos are cool, but I can live without them… in fact, your description of your memories was quite vivid, even without the photos😉


  3. Thanks for sharing our Copenhagen blog post with your readers, Susan. Definitely a fun way to see a lot of Copenhagen’s main attractions and combine riding with some good walking! We lost half of our photos of our time on the Galapagos Islands when we were returning to our then home in Manta, Ecuador and both my camera and computer were stolen. Losing the pictures (and my rather naive “trust” in my fellow travelers) hurt worse than losing the camera and computer. Luckily, there are a lot of photos of the Galapagos on the internet as well as good blogs and it doesn’t take much to send me on a walk right down memory lane. Sound like this works for you too! Anita


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