Walking along fields of lavender


if only you could smell the aroma

Every summer I visit Ohio, and every summer I am amazed. This time, fields of lavender took me by complete surprise. First of all, I have never been a fan of lavender. The scent, that astringent clear-your-head aroma and its ability to hang around uninvited, had never for me been the pleasant experience it seemed to the rest of the world. Secondly, Ohio? Lavender, the little I knew of it, would seem to be a dry weather, everyday sun, never near ice kind of thing. In other words, not for Ohio.

But we heard about a nearby lavender farm, and farms in Ohio are something worth visiting. My friend Debbie and I got out the map and went.


Luvin Lavender Farms in Madison, Ohio is a tiny spot of heaven on earth. Bee-friendly, organic and enticing, the display garden is home for row upon row of lavender plants. Before our visit, I had only known vaguely about this herb, but now I was being introduced to specific types: mailette, provence, hidcote and edelweiss. Each variety had a row, a signpost and a special reason for being at the farm. One had a unique aroma, another a special flower, a third was long-lasting. As we were introduced to the marvel of lavender, bees flew by to show us how important the plants were to their busy summer season.

Luvin Lavender

The day we visited, an entire row of  twickel purple lavender was being harvested by hand with a scythe. As the flowers waved in the breeze and the bees dropped in on the plants, sachets of cut lavender lay atop the shrubs and added their scent to the fresh air. I sniffed. I couldn’t get enough of that luscious smell. When had I become a fan of lavender? Somewhere between the cozy gift shop and the informative tour, the aroma had hit me and I had been won over.

Sipping on lavender tea in the gift shop, I took my time picking out the supply I would take home. Because, once a fan of lavender, always a fan of lavender…and the soap that is made from it, and the body butter, and the sachets…and the shampoo. I’ve always liked farms. Now I can say I like lavender, too.


Afterward, we drove a couple miles west and enjoyed a refreshing lunch alongside Lake Eerie. Ahh…Ohio. Always a surprise. Thanks, Debbie.

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22 Replies to “Walking along fields of lavender”

    1. Anabel – I haven’t yet brought the lavender inside. I’m not a fan of perfumey fragrance. But the hand cream and the soap has all been glorious. I think that because they use essential oils, their scents might be easier to live with. The hand cream scent is lovely and fades nicely away. But the outdoors scent really won me over. 🙂

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    1. Anita – I came home, went to the nursery and brought home four lavender plants. I don’t think that will be enough. I think part of my new ‘luvin lavender’ is that the farm uses a pure essential oil, not a manufactured fragrance. Wonderful stuff!

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    1. Hugh – Ohio has been such a pleasant surprise. We even had a delightful thunder/lightening storm while I was there – such a treat for someone from dry,dry California. Visit at least the Cleveland area if ever you can!


  1. My next door neighbour has a lavender bush in the front garden. We arrived home well after midnight last night and when I opened the curtains this morning it was radiant with sunshine. 🙂 Really beautiful! I know of a lavender farm in Yorkshire and I may just be tempted to go now. Thanks a lot for sharing, Susan.

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    1. RJo – please, do visit your lavender farm. I had never been in a field of lavender and it is just glorious. I’ve now planted three in pots near our door, so one day, I’ll have that scent when I wake up!


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