Walking with Pelicans

The return of the pelicans

To my knowledge, pelicans don’t walk much. But I love to walk alongside them as they fly, out above the waves. These sergeant-majors of the seas patrol our area, and they come out in force during springtime and stay all summer. I welcome their return with my walk today, and was fortunate that they were in a mood to entertain.

IMG_4493 - Copy
On patrol

How can people say they are not beauties? Their over-sized beaks and broad wings reward them with a beautiful catch, over and over.

Watch for the splashes. My camera and I do not agree about push and click. By the time I pushed, the pelican was probably already diving, and by the time the camera took the shot, there was only splash. Two different times, with two competent pelicans. They tried to make it easy for me.

The second one stalled to let me gather my failing photographic skills. He is the one lifting off again after a successful catch, ready to scout the area for more.

Watch this magnificent dive. I love the way they search, spot and then set-up their dive. The final upside-down reverse puts them head first into the water. Amazing creatures.


As I walk, I see some tag-a-longs. The gulls must have noticed the school of fish. They follow the skillful pelicans, landing nearby for a chance at left-overs.

The pelican entertainment today makes my walk a bit longer in time, not distance. But who can resist stopping and looking at these spectacular birds, to say nothing of the other sights along the way. Hope you have a great walk today.



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18 Replies to “Walking with Pelicans”

    1. Alison – most of my photo successes happened by accident. I’ll get home and see what I didn’t see in person. I don’t think I have the patience to really become a great photographer, like you 🙂 – but it doesn’t make the fun any less! Susan


  1. That is my kind of a walk! Great captures! My walks are often prolonged by these fellas. Trying to capture the dive is such a great challenge 🙂 They are here year round, but very active in the fall months…so looking forward to those walks.

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  2. One of my favorite things about living on North Padre Island off the coast of Texas for 10 years was the pelicans – both the brown pelicans which were year-around residents and the majestic (and enormous) white pelicans which wintered there over the cold months. Absolutely amazing to walk the beach and see them in formations of up to 20-30 birds at a time, skimming along the water or over the dunes. Anita

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    1. Ahh – the flying formations! They are truly glorious. We have the white pelicans here, too, but only occasionally on the bay. I love this season when all I have to do is set foot on the beach and wait – they are always out there fishing.

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